Welcome and Green Blessings! Women's voices on healing are more important now than ever! Join our live chat room of women gathering, healing and sharing herbal wisdom, womyns mysteries, moon time, menopause, health issues, support, books, events, and more.  Join a scheduled chat or create your own. This room is open 24 hrs a day and all are invited to partake. Looking for a sister to chat with? Go to the WISE WOMAN FORUM in the Merry Meet topic you will find other chatters to connect with, here you can arrange a mutual day/time when you can meet to chat with others or find out about ongoing scheduled chats.

Honor and respect all viewpoints.
Refrain from expressing judgment, criticism, or ridicule
Feel free to disagree, state your point of view in a sensitive, courteous manner.
Refrain at all times from words composed with the intent to be abusive or hurtful.
Enter our circle with a willingness to share, learn, and grow.

Want to receive e-mail reminders for scheduled chat sessions? Send your e-mail address to healthyself@excite.com

*Note: your date and/or time will be different based on your geographic location. Check out this site,http://www.timezoneconverter.com/ to find out (in your time zone) when we will be here.

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