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Gautam De continues to lead AICCF Championship 1508

Gautam De is leading the AICCF Championship T-1508 with 10/14. He has increased his tally by defeating Mr J Nagesh. Now he has only the games against Mr Sunil K. Somani and "yours truly" remaining!

Mr Sunil K. Somani has also defeated Mr Anil Anand in a thrilling opposite side castling saga. We look forward to their comments!

Re: Gautam De continues to lead AICCF Championship 1508

Not much change after two weeks, Mr Gautam De is still leading with 10/14.

In our game, Mr Nagesh J has defaulted on time.

From the game pgn, it is not possible to identify whether the game ended on time default. Dr Chatterjee, could you please include this info as a comment in the pgn?

Re: Gautam De continues to lead AICCF Championship 1508

Mr.P.B.Dhanish with his 8th win on the trot seems to have sewn up the AICCF 1508. At the moment, Mr.Gautam De seems to be definitely the runner up. The race seems to be on for the third spot only now.

Congrats to Mr.Dhanish!



Re: Gautam De continues to lead AICCF Championship 1508

Mr Gautam De Has increased his tally to 10.5 points. He has one game remaining and is likely to win the championship if he defeats Mr Somani!

Re: Gautam De continues to lead AICCF Championship 1508

I am quite surprised on Dhanish' comments on my winning chance in this tmt 1508, if I can beat Somani. But I do not think so. Upto now, Dhanish has 4 unfinished games and he already scored 9/10. Whereas mine has only one game remains and I may at best score 11.5/14 if I can beat somani arguingly.
In fact, Somani has slight plus over me, he has 2 rooks, 1 bishop and 5 pawns against mine 1 rook, 1 bishop,2 knights and only 3 pawns. Engine shows plus for somani but he is taking too much time to reply. The only possibility of my win is on 'time'. But I do not support from mind - winning a game on 'time' despite all of us are more or less busy in the profession.

Re: Gautam De continues to lead AICCF Championship 1508


Mr Gautam De continues to lead, but now we have two close followers. Critical will be the games of Mr Somani in deciding the Championship!

Re: Gautam De continues to lead AICCF Championship 1508

Finally, the game Somani, Sunil K. - Dhanish, P. B. has ended in a win for Black. I thought I will have to wait, to win the game on time default, as there was no reply for quite some time. But finally, with only about fifteen days to make six moves before the next time control, my opponent resigned.

An interesting game. The opening was a classical Caro Kann, with opposite side castling. The move 19. Na5 seems to be a novelty, but without merit. Under time pressure, White made a series of bad moves on moves 35-37. I think I should be grateful to the midnight time control for the situation. Hereabouts, White had about 15 days time left. But he had not realised that with the opponent making his moves after 10:00 pm, he had practically only 5 or 6 days to analyse very complex, unbalanced, positions! Only at that time, he might have written to Dr Chatterjee complaining about this rule. Of course, for the ping pong players, time controls are irrelevant, and among others, nobody else seemed to have realised the implication of this rule. Some may think I played unfair, but I think utilising a rule for your benefit is nothing wrong. And as they say, "Chess is war", and "all's fair in love and war"!

And now, there is a change of order at the cross-table:


Re: Gautam De continues to lead AICCF Championship 1508

I have some disagreement over time calculations:

1. 60 days for 10 moves (in AICCF) are more than ICCF 50 days for 10 moves.

2. If a player have 15 days to next time control for 6 moves then he have at least (15 - 6 = 9) days, not 5 to 6 days as you have mentioned.

3. It also means that the player has used 45 days for first 4 moves and he now have 15 days left to next time control (9 days if opponent answers every night at 11:59 pm). In ICCF time control he should have (50 - 45 = 5) days for 6 moves. And If opponent has answered all (first 4) moves at 11:59 pm then (50 - (45 - 4) = 9 days). It is ABOUT equal to AICCF time control.

I still prefer 24 hour time control to avoid confusing calculations.

Re: Gautam De continues to lead AICCF Championship 1508

Please note that I mentioned "about" fifteen days, "hereabouts", etc. After completion of the game, it is not possible to obtain the pgn with time stamps, unlike the ICCF server. Further, again unlike the ICCF server, it is not possible to obtain the past leave dates of your opponent. Hence I was unable to reconstruct the exact time situation and some variation is possible, kindly excuse my memory lapses.

According to ICCF Rule 6. b. A player will have 24 hours to respond to a move, before one day of playing time is recorded by the ICCF. Thus practically, one has 5.99 days per move irrespective of what your opponent does. But in AICCF, if your opponent makes his move just before midnight, one has practically only 5.01 days per move. More than the absolute times, it is the point that the number of days shown as remaining does not reflect the true situation and one can unknowingly get into dangerous time trouble, which is the real problem with the current rule. Anyway, as I do not intend to play in AICCF tournaments in the near future, it is hardly of concern to me.

Re: Gautam De continues to lead AICCF Championship 1508

And here is the final cross-table of T-1508: