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Printing of Bulletin


Printing expenses of bulletin are rising with every issue. We have to print mere 220 copies each time. Some members contacted earlier to Dr. Chatterjee by saying that they don't need printed copy to save the trees. So there are three ways to save:

1) We don't print at all and just distribute the PDF every time of both issues. (Maximum saving)

2) We print only August issue once in a year and distribute PDF of February issue. (Half saving)

3) We ask members whether they want printed copy or not. And only send printed copies to those members who opt for it. (Nominal saving but we can save trees)

The management wants to print the issue to distribute it to some authorities. Upto 10 copies we can print them on Laser printer if we choose "don't print at all".

Please say here what you think about this.

One thing I want to say about this forum is that the readability is very low (due to small font size) even after I zoomed in 130%. Also font used here is very light. I use bb code to increase the size but could not change the font. Please think about older people and mine (not old yet) who got eye strain due to this.

Re: Printing of Bulletin

Dear Shri Lalit Kapoor:
I read your message and have to advise as under:
Although the same can be sent to those who have Internet at their residence, several persons(subscribers) are there who live in remote places and for them there is no option but to receive the matter by post.
(2) Also the feeling of reading when holding the magazine in one's hand is totally different from reading from the downloaded version/on the Net. I agree that the PRINTING Costs will increase and the total amount of copies printed is rather low!
(3) And I have a way out! But this may not meet the approval of several 'young' persons.
From my experience one chess 'friend' used to send me and others CYCLOSTYLED pages containing Chess games, notes and information. (This was way back in 1976! and onwards) As the quality of the paper used was good I still have them in a good condition. So my suggestion is to cyclostyle future copies of the Bulletin instead of Printing. Of course photos will not be there but they can be sent on the Net. Also if one wants to store these for ready reference it is more convenient provided it is done in order by the person. Some may not be knowing that even the British Chess Magazine for a unavoidable reason used to publish by typesetting (or some process was there) but NOT printing. I still have some of these magazines with me.
But I feel the Bulletin must come out at least twice a year!
By cyclostyling the costs can be greatly reduced!
yours faithfully
4th August 2010 11.48 hrs

Re: Printing of Bulletin

You have not given the most important data: How much does it cost?

If the reader was printing on his own, it may cost around Rs 30/- per issue. Large scale printing should bring down the costs. And of course, the paper need not be glossy. Colour printing can be skipped. Another option is to get some sponsorship from advertisers. But the postage expense will remain.

If the most important tournament of AICCF can be announced bypassing the Bulletin, then we do not need the Bulletin anymore. All news, rating lists, etc can be made available at the website. And members can give their comments at the Forum. That's the way ICCF functions. Except for the archaic Congress, of course.

What does our Secretary, who never replies to emails, feel?

Re: Printing of Bulletin

AICCF is comfortably able to meet the cost of printing and postage. But we may be wasting money which can be utilized better.

Many Life (and Donor) members are not in touch with us anymore. We dont know if they receive and read the Bulletins. If a bulletin is returned (adressee not found) we do not send further bulletins. As per requirements of AICCF registration it is mandatory to send bulletins to all members.

We can ask members whose email is registered with us if they want to forgo the printed copy. (The PDF will anyway be available on net). To the active members who are playing by post we must send the printed copies. They do not have net access, that is why they are playing by post. To the inactive members we can drop a post card (by COP?). If we dont get a reply despite a reminder we can strike their address off the list.

Trouble is, if you go through this exercise we may come up with a number like 100 copies (+20 for internal use)to be printed. When I was doing the printing, I could not find a printer who would take up printing of less than 250 copies, so I just went ahead and printed 250-300 copies.

If we are rethinking this issue, should we start the survey (by email and postcard)? I am ready to take it up.

Shri Meherhomji is advanced in years and health and is not in a position to work on internet. Please do not expect him to reply to emails.

Re: Printing of Bulletin

Dear friends,

Let me first start by stating that I'm an overseas AICCF member & normally see the web version of the bulletin on the Net, yet the first thing I do on coming to India during vacation/tours is to check out all the AICCF back issues sent to my Indian address.I already informed Dr. Meherhomji NOT to send me these bulletins at my overseas address as a cost-saving measure.

I do not agree with the suggestion that we should stop printing the AICCF bulletin now.It has a place of pride in one's book shelf & hearts & can be lent to others to make them aware of an organisation like AICCF & CC movement in India.It is one way to keep the AICCF movement alive, members engaged & updated on CC activites in India & abroad.Granted that there may be several inactive,passive or busy members in AICCF who are otherwise ardent chess enthusiasts but I feel that they must be relishing the bulletin in their spare time.Photo copies or printouts do not give you the same feel.Similarly, the Internet connectivity, download speeds & access in India is largely inadequate & must be affecting a lot of our readers & active CC players by server/Email, so printing by individual members may not be an option for all. I have seen a lot of positive feedback regarding the look & content of the recent bulletins which undoubtedly has improved with each issue, so such a step will definitely be a retrograde move.

In any case, as I suggested before, AICCF forum posts should be included in the upcoming bulletin issues to be discussed & debated by members & a final decision taken on the basis of majority opinion. I personally do not agree that the printing of the hardcopy of the bulletin should be discontinued at this stage.

However, AICCF management can take a different view if there is any financial dimension or other constraints in this matter.

Re: Printing of Bulletin

I am in full agreement with the view expressed by Shri Anil Kumar on 30th August 2010. Apart from the reasons given there is yet another important reason. If printing is discontinued and the Bulletins are there only on the pdf file, in course of time(maybe several years!) - perchance - if the data is lost for any reason (this happened to me once!) - it will be very troublesome to download the entire contents once more! Comparatively the possibility of magazines being lost is far less!
Also reading from the screen involves straining on the eyes which is greater than reading from the book, though many persons may not be aware of it.
Hence my option is to CYCLOSTYLE the matter eliminating PRINTING costs altogether. The money thus saved can be better utilised elsewhere, as suggested by Dr. Ambar Chatterjee.
Trust the readers agree!
- D.M.Modak
1st September 2010 6.49 am

Re: Printing of Bulletin

While I agree with Anil Anand and D.M.Modak, as all our (younger) members must be well aware, cyclostyling is a technology that is long outdated. Cyclostyling facilities at least in modern cities like Mumbai have been discontinued since over 10 years. The cost of high quality laser printing, moderate quality laser printing and inkjet printing is very low. It is fast and economical. For production of the bulletin, we were using offset printing. After Lalit Kapoor took over, he is is using the most appropriate printing technologies (he is a professional). If we continue to publish the bulletin it will definitely be of a print quality befitting the high standards of AICCF.