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24 hour clock based time keeping

Shri Somani has asked about 24 hour based time keeping on AICCF server. At present the server counts the elapsed time in days, and increments the count at midnight. If an opponent send you his move just before midnight you will lose 1 day at once. In ICCF this problem is acute because of different time zones. So the ICCF server adds 1 day to your time after 24 hours have elapsed and not at midnight. Since we dont have International time zones to worry about, this method has so far not been adopted in AICCF. But what do other members think?

Re: 24 hour clock based time keeping

Ambar Chatterjee
If an opponent send you his move just before midnight you will lose 1 day at once.

This was already pointed out earlier, see the post subject "Time Calculation" below: .

After that, I make my moves only after at least 10:00 pm. But still Dr Saxena used to reply the same day! Of course, it is significant only for players who play slowly, so it's not of interest to the majority.

Re: 24 hour clock based time keeping

My preference is not to change the existing method of time keeping (unless Dr.Ambar can do it without spending too much time).

In 1508, we noticed players sending moves much later at night and in 1509 so far this practice does not seem to be there (of course it is still early days yet). Personally such receipt of moves sent late at night did not inconvenience me at all. I used to send moves at all times of day once the move is decided upon by me.

I would have preferred to forego playing in AICCF by postal / email considering the hassles - well summarised by many senior players in the Bulletin(s) - and the server technology of Dr.Ambar has saved me from such a predicament.

The senior players in AICCF can recommend/approve a slower paced game (say 70 days for 10 moves).

Re: 24 hour clock based time keeping

Yes, AICCF webserver should use 24 hour time keeping and with 50 days / 10 move time limit. Initially 60 days / 10 move (with midnight time calculation) is more than 50 days / 10 moves (with 24 hour time calculation). But it is confusing sometimes when a player has more moves to answer than days to time limit.

Suppose a player has 9 moves and 8 days left to next time control, he will definitely lost on time if his opponent reply always just before midnight (say 11:45 pm to 11:59 pm).



Re: 24 hour clock based time keeping

6 days per move is more than adequate for AICCF webserver tournaments, and there is no need for 24 hour clock based time keeping. Only the irregular members must be asking Dr.Chatterjee to change this rule. In fact the AICCF rule is better than the ICCF rule for players who reply regularly. Under ICCF rule you can still play several moves even if you have 0 days left, whereas in AICCF the regular player has at least one weapon to outwit the slacker...i.e. reply late at night!
There are several complaints and grievances against the ICCF rule too, which I was reading on the ICCF Forum.
So, my vote is to maintain status quo for the AICCF time control rule.

Re: 24 hour clock based time keeping


ICCF has a 24-hr clock but time limit is 50 days/10 moves. We have a date based clock but time limit is 60 days/10 moves. In our case the opponent can force you to take at least 1 day per move by making his move close to midnight. So it amounts to almost the same thing (Shri Dhanish does not agree). In AICCF you have to be more disciplined and ensure that you leave at least 1 day per move at all times. In ICCF this extra discipline is not required.

The members votes so far:
Change to 24hr clock: Dhanish, Nagesh, Sunil Somani, Lalit Kapoor
Dont change: Alok Saxena, A.Chatterjee, Mohan Jayaraman, Vijay Shivdasani

Best regards

Re: 24 hour clock based time keeping

The existing time-keeping system of 6 days/move, say once a week, is quite comfortable for majority of "active" & "successful" players in various tournaments.

The problem is only with a small minority of players who play very slowly,sometimes responding once in a month or slower.

Another factor could be that there are some players playing far too many tournaments(to improve ratings rapidly?!),but then "biting more than what one can chew" is of little use.There is no point in playing hundreds of games & defaulting most of them. If you are representing AICCF in ICCF or other friendly international tournaments, then it is also a matter of the prestige of the organisation represented which is affected if one defaults on time.So I feel it is more a matter of "personal discipline" than anything else.

I do not see any need to change the existing time-keeping system in AICCF server.