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Webserver: Opponent's leave

Is there any way to know the total leave taken by your opponent so far?

Just to calculate how much time he still has...

Re: Webserver: Opponent's leave

This has reference to Mr. Dhanish's post on opponenet's leave.

I had sent an Email with the following message to Dr. Chatterjee but no response:

On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 3:16 PM, anil anand wrote:

Dear Dr.Chatterjee,

Coming to AICCF 1508 championships,I feel the "Rules
of leave" need proper clarification.I often find players not responding for a week or more & then suddenly proceeding on leave till end of the month.I can cite examples of Mr. Dutt & Mr. Somani.Secondly, how many leaves are permitted per tournament? I feel that players should be asked to make their move & then proceed on leave.To draw a parallel with OTB,one has to make one's move before adjournment.
Hope you can clarify this.