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Andrej Šuštaršic Memorial

I have just been given entry to the Andrej Šuštaršic Memorial organized by the Slovenian Correspondence Chess Council. It is a Category 13 tournament with 4 GMs, 5 SMs, and 3 IMs. For more details, please see their website:

Re: Andrej Šuštaršic Memorial

My first result in the tournament: Draw against IM Efremov, Aleksandr Gennadievich, 34 years old, from Moscow,

After 13. Kb1, O-O is the usual move, while a5, c5, and Qc7 are also commonly played. I tried to enter unknown territory with 13...Qb6, based on {1/2-1/2(33) Negi, P (2603) - Vidit, S (2489) / 48th ch-IND ( 8 ), New Delhi IND 2010} which had gone 14.Rhe1 O-O-O 15.Qe2 c5 16.Ne5 Rhf8 17.Nc4 Qc7 18.Nf5 exf5 19.Qxe7. However, I deviated with 14...O-O, which has later been played by others also.

17...Qa5 Now, I find 17...Qb6 18.Ne3 Qc7 19.Rh1 Rad8 20.Qe2 c5 has been played {1/2-1/2(26) Smeets, J (2669) - Parligras, M (2601) / Schachbundesliga 2010-11 (7), Remagen GER 2011}

19.Rxe6 After this sac, a draw appears to be forced. Is that a satisfactory result for White? I don't think so. As the Black player, I was happy to agree to the draw. Of course, during the game I was very much worried there was some win for White. I breathed a sigh or relief when 16. Ng6+ was accompanied by a draw offer.

Can Black avoid the draw after 13...Qb6? That is another question to which I have to find the answer to, before my next game.

Here is a link to the crosstable: The current leader is SIM Szczepanski, Zbigniew, who has completed eleven games, all drawn!

Draw against SIM Korze, Dr. Danilo of Slovenia

Draw against SIM Korze, Dr. Danilo of Slovenia. He is 46 yrs old and works in the University of Maribor as university assistant professor. He is also the organizer of this event. The game was a thrilling Caro Kann, that ended in a draw

4.Nc3 The Shirov variation, one of the sharpest options against the Caro Kann. Though classical theory frowns upon premature wing attacks, modern praxis shows g4 being played commonly at the opening stage itself.

12...Qb6 With hindsight, I might have tried Qa5 or Qc7.

13.Na4 N 13.O-O Qxb2 14.Na4 Qa3 15.c3 b5 1-0 was Kupsys, Alfonsas (2577) - Stankevicius, Lionginas (LTU) (2432) / EM/CL/Q04-2, ICCF Email 2002. Na4 does not seem to be in the spirit of this line, which is to go for an all out attack on the Black king.

16.b3 If White has nothing better than this pawn move, Black has nothing to be afraid of.

It was not without some trepidation that I received the move 25 Nxg7, but a quick verification of my notes reassured me. 25.Bxc6 Nxc6 26.Nxg7 Kxg7 also lead to a draw.

After 28.h5, my opponent offered a draw which was accepted.

SIM Szczepanski, Zbigniew continues to lead the tournament with 6.5 points,

Draw against SIM Sivic, Jernej of Slovenia

Draw against SIM Sivic, Jernej of Slovenia He is 26 years old, and works as a software developer for USB oscilloscopes.

7.g4 is the Shabalov / Shirov attack against the Slav, starting a premature flank attack disregarding classical middle-game theory.

18.Qc1 Novelty? 18.e4 is the move recommended by engine books, but it seemed to open up the position, so I tried a move new to me at least.

21.Be3 Here White has a number of alternatives, I think I have to look here to find a way to avoid the draw.

Since the last few moves repeated the position, I offered a draw along with my move 24.Rh1, which was accepted by my opponent.

SIM Korze, Dr. Danilo leads the tournament with 7 points,

Re: Draw against SIM Voiculescu, Costel

Draw against SIM Voiculescu, Costel of Romania He is 64 years old, and works as an Engineer at a dam on the river Arges.

15...cxd5 15...exd5 16.e4 dxe4 17.Qd6 Qxd6 18.Rxd6 f5 was 1/2-1/2, Lukacs Peter (HUN) - Wahls Matthias (GER), Budapest (Hungary), 1988 is given in

18...Nc5 Novelty? 18...f5 19.Rad1 Bd3 20.b4 Rf7 {1/2-1/2(38 ) Ernazarov,Nazar Yazdurdyevich (KAZ) (2501) - Mortarini, Marco (ITA) / EM/CL/Q15-1 (?), ICCF Email 2002.

White maintained a slight advantage to the end of the game, but I think it is not sufficient for a win in correspondence chess.

Finally, my opponent offered a draw along with 40.Nd6 which was accepted.

SIM Korze, Dr. Danilo continues to lead the tournament with 7 points,

Draw against Szczepanski, Zbigniew

Draw against Szczepanski, Zbigniew of Poland He is 53 years old, and works in his own management consultancy firm.

7.g4 As against SIM Sivic in the same tournament, and as mentioned in my post above, I employed the Shabalov / Shirov attack. Instead of 10...Nf8, Sivic continued 10...Nf6.

14...Nh4 14...Bd7 15.e4 Nf4 16.e5 Qh4 17.Rg3 Nxe2+ 18.Nxe2 Bf8 19.Rdg1 dxc4 20.Qxc4 O-O-O {1/2-1/2(33) Enricci, Juan Andrés (2407) - Cardelli, Gabriel (2443) / WCCC28CT06 (?), ICCF 2008}

17.e4 Novelty? gives 17.cxd5 exd5 18.e4 Be6 19.exd5 cxd5 1-0, Computer "Zappa Zanzibar" - Computer "Scorpio", Leiden (Netherlands), 2007

17...dxc4 This move was accompanied by a draw offer, which I declined.

36...b3!! I had analyzed 36...c3 for several weeks, only to conclude that White had nothing better than a draw, even though he remained a piece up. But I had hardly analyzed 36...b3. So when I received this move, I was shocked. I thought my opponent had blundered. Engines were showing high scores for White. But slowly, I realized that though I had a series of checks, they never led to mate. Anyway, I continued playing, hoping that a win will materialize somewhere. Perhaps somebody can show me a win?

39...Kb6! The move that engines miss.

45.Qd8 Finally, I offered the draw, which was accepted by my opponent.

SIM Korze, Dr. Danilo continues to lead the tournament with 7.5 points,

Win against IM Mary, Patrick
Win against SIM Karacsony, Zsolt of Romania
Win against GM Pauwels, Christophe of Belgium
Draw against GM Oliveira, Marcio Barbosa de of Brazil
Re: Draw against GM Oliveira, Marcio Barbosa de of Brazil

You are going to win this tournament and also the Grand master norm. Many Congratulations in advance!


Win against ILM Gil, Maria do Carmo de Vasconcelos of Portuga

Thank you, Mr Kapoor, for your reply. I hope I can justify your confidence. Anyway, I was lucky to win against ILM Gil, Maria do Carmo de Vasconcelos of Portugal on time. For details, please see

Draw against GM Strautinš, Vilnis of Latvia
Draw against SIM Novak, Jože of Slovenia
Win against SIM Gaprindashvili, Paata Amerigovich
MT Sustarsic: Draw against GM Kögler, Klaus
Re: MT Sustarsic: Draw against GM Kögler, Klaus

First my heartiest congratulations to both Shri Dhanish and Mr. Simic for being co-winners of such a strong tournament. Needless to say all the top-finishers - apart from the two joint winners - had certainly burnt the midnight oil!
Secondly, my most spontaneous reaction after reading Shri Dhanish's comments was PHEW! This was only a Round-Robin ty. and not a ty. for the Title of the World Correspondence Championship! Had it been for the latter, the RUNNER-UP would certainly have blamed the extant rules for tie-break(whatever they may be applied) for finding himself as RUNNER-UP and NOT the World Correspondence Champion! Of course, the rules for tie-break are created by ICCF Officials who are humans! It appears that the extant proceedure for selecting the World Champion(Round-Robin ty.) instead of Matches(QFs, SFs and Finals - with the current Champion playing in QFs itself) will be changed only if such a dilemma occurs in future!
Thirdly, my humble request to anyone who has read this far should also read the Article by Bo Bredenhof appearing on ChessCafe website under 'CC Chronicles' dated 24th October 2012 'How to become a CC World Champion'!
- D.M.Modak
5th November 2012. 1830 hrs.