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Live Bilbao Games with Computer evaluation.

Dear friends:
I have been following the Ty. closely LIVE with Computer evaluation as it has been labelled as the STRONGEST in history. Also our own V. Anand is there.
2) The point I want to make clear is even in the middle-game and end-game the players (ALL) very frequently play a totally DIFFERENT move as suggested 'BEST' by the Computer. It seems Anand failed to convert his advantage to a WIN vs Carlsen in the LAST Round just like the Shirov game. I am writing this when the game Anand-Carlsen is in progress.
I have NOT mentioned the Opening phase at all since the players may have burnt the midnight oil in search of the novelties in the Openings!(Which the Computer may not be able to 'evaluate' correctly(?) as per the SETTING by HUMAN Beings)
Chess is too complex a game to be understood and played CORRECTLY by humans even the very GREATEST! That is the conclusion I have drawn. Your comments please?
From your chess friend
15th October 2010 11.49 am (USA Time)
(Nunn's 2 Volumes '(Nunn's Chess Endings Both published in 2010 by GAMBIT shows the basic difference between Computer and Humans)