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An interesting position! by Mr. Dhanish

Dear friends:
Only a few days ago I opened a Forum Post of Mr. Dhanish(out of curiosity) as he is the best Corr. player in India. There I saw the position with White(Dhanish) to play his 35th move:
The point is White to play and WIN against best defence. The position appears drawish and readers have to find the win. I could not and 'fed' the 'engine' this position. It gave BEST play for White as
35) Nxb5,axb4 36) Nd5+, Ke6 37) Nxb4, Nf2+ 38)Kd4
and position as slight plus(0.38) for White(Depth 14/27 67441kN) Deep Position Analysis.
Mr.Dhanish 'improves' on the engine's analysis in his games and manages to maintain his Rating.
(The solution to the above was given in 'Next week' but I could NOT locate it on the FORUM)
Thus I suggest that those who are sufficiently motivated should send their analysis to AICCF Editor for publication in the next Bulletin. It would be interesting to compare the analysis of different persons and Mr. Dhanish's analysis should also be published in the next Bulletin. The position is a complex one.
Interestingly after reading the 2 Volume work 'Nunn's chess endings' and after a cursory analysis of the positions, I was astonished by the complexity of the game of CHESS even in 'simple' looking positions. Each position is described in great detail.There are some cases when engine's evaluation differs. He too 'improves' on the engine's analysis and is using Deep Fritz and Rybka on a quad-core computer and an extensive table of 5 and 6- men databases.
After reading the book the question troubles me:Is Nunn's verdict FINAL and if the same positions are examined by other world-class players(Anand, Carlsen, Topalov, Kramnik and Co.) and other endgame 'experts' will their verdict be different from Nunn's?
Sometimes Nunn's analysis differs from his own analysis in his 'Tactical Chess Endings' book.
Thus while the opening theory is in a constant state of flux and so also is the endgame theory - except where definite evaluation is done by the engine of 5 and 6- man endings.
Interestingly the result of the one unfinished game in the ongoing Corr. World Championship will decide the WINNER and the analysis should also be of great interest to all. I hope to see it somewhere in future.
Your chess friend
13th November 2010 19.32 hrs

Re: An interesting position! by Mr. Dhanish

Quote: D.M.Modak

(The solution to the above was given in 'Next week' but I could NOT locate it on the FORUM)

Sorry, I had not posted the solution since there was no response. Now that you have raised the matter, I will post it after a few days. Actually, it is not a position where the solution can be proven for all variations. But the first move is against common endgame rules, and hence interesting!

Re: An interesting position! by Mr. Dhanish

Hullo Mr. Dhanish:
Actually the position given by you was analysed by me for quite some time but I could NOT find a winning continuation for White. I request that you need NOT post the solution on Forum as your analysis would be 'seen' by all. It is still a very interesting position to analyse but the moot point is 'Does White gets a decisive plus in ALL the lines?' OR "White gets a decisive plus in ALL lines EXCEPT in one or two and it gives a test to the reader to find precisely those lines". And as the position requires a thorough knowledge of the endgame I request all those who are interested in the matter should either i) send the analysis for publication in the next AICCF Bulletin if it is possible for the Editor to accommodate it OR ii) to submit the analysis privately to a prominent AICCF person like Mr. Lalit Kapoor or Dr. Chatterjee (by e-mail or post) and the same should be published in the Forum on a pre-arranged date say 1st February 2011.
Thus all readers of the AICCF Bulletin Or the Forum will get to know what one has overlooked in one's own painstaking analysis. WE often get a position analysed in detail by one person but seldom we see the same position analysed by different persons.
Finally I request both Shri Lalit Kapoor and Dr. Chatterjee to post their views on Forum if they are willing to do the needful in this matter.
your chess friend
16th November 2010 1803 hrs.

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