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Excellent place to buy new books!

Excellent place to buy new books!
Surely you may be surprised to see such a Post on the AICCF Forum!
It may be somewhat inappropriate but I cannot help doing it! The adage 'Knowledge is Power' motivates me to do the same.(knowledge in the books of course!)
The fact is that only yesterday a chess friend informed me of a site from where one can buy new chess books at a cheap price(comparing to what one would pay for the same books if bought abroad).
The site is
and indeed there are several quality books. Of course
several of the readers may be knowing of the site by now but for those who do not know I think it is worth visiting the website.
Till date I have not brought any books from them and I have no personal experience nor do I know the persons involved.Hence I leave it to you to decide.
7th December 2010

Re: Excellent place to buy new books!

In my haste to post the msg. on the Forum I forgot to insert the vital world 'chess'.
Kindly read it as
Sorry for the trouble.
7th December 2010 7.50 a.m.