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Pitfalls of analysing with the Computer.

I wish to draw the attention of readers who play Correspondence chess to an article on chesscafe website 'Long Analysis: Wrong or Strong?..'.
2) After a perusal of the article, the reader can get a glimpse of WHY and WHEN even the analysis by a world class computer(Rybka) can be WRONG. While I am not familiar with the technalities of the matter, my friends who play Correspondence chess and invariably have to use the computer to find the 'BEST(?)' move - can easily be trapped in the pitfall and fail to find the 'BEST' move because of depending solely on their Computer Analysis.
3) My purpose of this article is to draw the attention of the corr. chess players to the above article-which may be very useful to them.
16th March 2011. 8.10 a.m.

Re: Pitfalls of analysing with the Computer.

Can you post the link to it ? I didn't find it.

Re: Pitfalls of analysing with the Computer.

Please try
to get the relevant article. You have to click on the first item only.
Incidentally chesscafe archives has sufficient material to keep anyone occupied for as long as one wishes. One can get other articles by typing other numbers instead of the '400' which was for this specific article:Long Analysis...'
y faithfully
18th October 2011. 1318 hrs.