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ARCHIVE of AICCF GAMES - Uploaded and link given here

Dear AICCF Chess Friends

AICCF has compiled a Games Archive (1,016 games) in the form of a PGN file. The file can be downloaded from :

After unzipping, the database can be loaded in your favourite chess software capable of reading PGN format such as Fritz, Rybka, Chessbase etc.

Please inform us about :

- any games which are left out

- any inaccuracies

- any other matter that we need to know in relation to the Archive.

We will be regularly updating the archive and making it available to members. We have also requested webmaster Nagesh J. to make the archive and its future updates available at and
we will inform you when this is done.

With regards

Mohan Jayaraman
Games Editor and Games Archivist, AICCF

ARCHIVE of AICCF GAMES - Some suggestions

A big thanks to Mr Mohan Jayaraman for his effort to make available an AICCF archive.

On going through the archive, I found many games played in ICCF, including some were both players were unconnected to AICCF. I think we should include only games played in the AICCF / CCAI site in the archive.

Also, we should standardize the tournament numbering and date formats, otherwise it's very difficult to search. For example, see the ICCF spec at