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Achieving GM Norm in correspondence chess.

After reading that Nikolai Papenin had achieved the No. 1 spot in ICCF Rating I searched for more information about him on the Net.
I was astonished to find that his Rating has literally shot up like a rocket! That too within a space of few years.
How incredibly difficult is to play at the top level in CC was known to me from the books by Sanakoev and Berliner.
But the point which I want to emphasise is Papenin while progressing from a non-entity to the No. 1 spot had made ONLY(Capitals mine) four GM norms in CC in the space of last four years(This information I found from the Net). One would have expected him to make a very large number(say 10 at least) in otder to become the No. 1 in the Rating List.
Hence I come to the conclusion that even making ONE GM Norm in CC is some achievement and I trust Shri Dhanish manages to make it soon!
Once again my congrats to Papenin and I am looking forward to his book of his games!