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AICCF Championship T-1510

The championship seems to have got off to an inauspicious start, with Mr B S Dutt and Mr E G Meherhomji defaulting most of their games. I hope that's not why Mr K Valsan, on page 9 of the Feb 2012 bulletin, says that Mr Meherhomji is his favourite player.

Kalapi B Trivedi is now leading the crosstable:

R. K. Chauhan leads

After six months, Mr R. K. Chauhan has taken a big lead, see

Well, let's see if the current champion Mr T Pavan Kumar can catch up!

Re: R. K. Chauhan leads

Congrats to Mr.Chouhan for winnin the 1510 tny. Is there tie between 2nd & 3rd place?

Re: R. K. Chauhan leads

Although R.K.Chauhan is at the top of the cross table of 1510, its too early for congratulations! Gautam De and Valsan K. are at 10 points with one game left, so they could catch up. On the other hand Champion T.Pavan Kumar whose name is in the middle of the table has 8 points but has 5 games left. It is possible for him to reach 13 points!
It will be interesting to see how the rest of the games turn out!

1510 hots up!

Pavan Kumar has just completed a win against Vijay Shivdasani. He now has 10 points. Since he has 3 games pending (against Valsan, Mohan Jayaraman and Neelakanthan) it will be interesting to observe if he can become Champion for the second time!

Gautam De and Valsan with 1 game pending also have chances to reach 11 points!

Best regards

1510 is finished and Pavan emerges Champion again

The 10th National Championship (or 1510) has finished a few days ago and T.Pavan Kumar has emerged as Champion again. Congratulations to Pavan on another fine performance.

Congratulations to R K Chauhan and Gautam De who jointly share the 2nd place - Dr Ambar will have to intimate the members who is 2nd and 3rd on tie break.

The cross table can be viewed at


Re: 1510 is finished and Pavan emerges Champion again

T.Pavan Kumar is Champion, R.K.Chauhan is 2nd and Gautam De is 3rd. In the tie break for 2nd-3rd places, the two players had a draw in their Direct Encounter. They also had the same number of Wins. However the S.B.Score of R.K.Chauhan (66.25) was just slightly higher than that of Gautam De (65.75). Full details are given in the AICCF Bulletin, August 2013.

Ambar Chatterjee