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Rapid and Blitz CC

How about idea of introducing Rapid & Blitz CC on our web server?

My logic behind this suggestion:

1. It is better to play few games and finish them early instead of playing so many games for a longer period.. of course nothing new about this logic.

2. Databases of latest Chess games,inputs from various chess websites/magazines/articles/books/DVD/Videos,Computers/Chess engines etc. are now easily accessible to most of chess players. These advancements in Information Technology assists in analyzing a chess position and selecting appropriate move from various candidate moves in a shorter time.

3. We have already observed above as one of the factors in change in rules for various OTB chess tournaments. e.g. no more adjournment of games.

4. Modern World is fast paced. We will certainly come across a situation in CC chess games when a player's certain chess ideas may be innovative in beginning of a game but might turn out to be obsolete during the course of the game! Because the chess is being analyzed continuously in all phases of it and its result is also easily available to chess fans/players thru various communication channels. Here the emphasis is on Chess Research and applying it to cc.

5. To be brief, correspondence chess has to be fast paced in all respect because of Technology advancements!

6. In fact we may also need to look into renaming Correspondence Chess as the meaning/mode of Correspondence at the time it was introduced and today has changed. The term 'Correspondence' seems to probably exist in Law, Politics and legal matters. The correspondence concept is now some thing like 'Information sharing' or 'communication'!

Niranjan Shukla

Re: Rapid and Blitz CC

AICCF is now well on the way to start Rapid and Blitz tournaments. The software for this is in an advanced stage. There will also be a new interface for selecting opponents. After taking suggestion from members we have arrived at the following framework for Rapid and Blitz:
There will be 3 types of tournaments "Normal" (50 days per 10 moves), "Rapid" (20 days for the whole game + 2 days per move) and "Blitz" (10 days for the whole game + 1 day per move). The time limit for Normal tournaments will be changed to 50/10 instead of 60/10 and we will also have a 24-hr clock instead of the present date based clock. The Fischer clock (time added on every move) will be applicable in Rapid and Blitz tournaments. The Silence rule for normal tournaments will remain the same namely 40 days, however there wont be any Silence rule in Rapid and Blitz. Email reminders will continue to be sent in Normal games, but in Rapid and Blitz there wont be any email reminders. In Normal tournaments the start list will be intimated to players 8 days before the Start Date and players will be free to make moves even before the start date (the time count will remain zero till the start date is crossed). Rapid tournaments will be intimated to players 3 days in advance and Blitz only 1 day in advance. And in Rapid and Blitz, players will not be allowed to make moves before the Start Date.
Leave will be allowed in Rapid and Blitz tournaments. In Rapid there will be 15 days leave/year allowed in a tournament and in Blitz 10 days/year, split in any manner. (Of course Rapid and Blitz games wont exceed 1 year).
Rapid and Blitz games will be rated in the same manner as Normal games and there will be only one Rating List.
We expect that quick play in Rapid and Blitz tournaments will be very interesting for our players. AICCF thanks Niranjan Shukla for suggesting that we should start Rapid and Blitz tournaments and thanks all the members who sent suggestions about the rules to adopt for Rapid and Blitz.
Best regards

Rapid and Blitz CC are started

New software incorporating Rapid and Blitz was uploaded on 16th June 2013. The very first Blitz Tournament in the history of AICCF is 4384 with Om Prakash, Shams Khan, Aayush Somani and Sailesh Chandra (start date 20th June 2013). The very first Rapid Tournament is 4385 with Kalapi Trivedi, Om Prakash, Sailesh Chandra and Dr. Alok Saxena (start date 22nd June 2013). Additionally we also started:

7387 Blitz (20 June 2013) Dinesh Saxena, D.V. Jadhav, Uday Naik, Dr A.Nagaraj, Rakesh Agrawal, B.S.Dutt, P.K.Mishra
4386 Rapid (23 June 2013) R.K.Chauhan, D.V. Jadhav, Dr A.Nagaraj, T.Mohanadasan

AICCF wishes all the participants best of luck in their games!
Now we have to see what is the first ever result in Rapid and Blitz. Will Shams Khan pull of one of his famed miniature games?