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Anand annotates an ICCF game

Anand annotates Harvey Williamson's win over World Champion Tunc Hamarat, see

The French defence seems to have become unplayable :(, I have given it up after a few losses. Here is another Black loss with the French in a top level ICCF tournament:

Re: Anand annotates an ICCF game

Yes! Although I cannot say anything about the efficacy of the French Defence, the 'Yes!' shows my surprise that Anand annotated a CC game, especially as he is busy preparing vs the mighty Carlsen! The notes are light ones and it may be a psychological gimmick, as Carlsen must have the same pointed out to him by one of his seconds.(Column appeared in ChessCafe, a world famous website) May we expect the French if Carlsen plays 1.e4 which may be a surprise as he usually plays 1.d4 or 1.c4
I may state one fact here.
Karpov in his abortive 1975 match vs Fischer had Estrin as one of his seconds, who is a ex World Corr. Champion!
10th October 2013. 2010 hrs.

Re: Anand annotates an ICCF game

The winner of the game Harvey and Anand first met at the time of the Topalov Match and have known each other since a few years.(See ICCF Website). Harvey is certain to 'provide' Anand with some 'ideas' for the upcoming Carlsen Match. The playing strength of Harvey can be gauged by the fact that he won vs Hamarat, a CC World Champion who -like Petrosian(OTB) -is very difficult to be beaten in CC in recent years!
Wish Anand all the best in Chennai in November 2013!
10th October 2013. 21 hrs.

FIDE IM Twan Burg versus ICCF GM Ron Langeveld

I hope Mr Modak has noticed this:

Of course, two games cannot result in a statistically significant result.