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Consecutive Draw Offer

Is there any restriction on number of consecutive draw offer in Correspondence Chess, irrespective of the fact that its actually not a dead-draw position? If it is 'No', then should a rule be imposed to safeguard the interest of the other player from being irritated receiving repeated draw offer despite his winning position?

Re: Consecutive Draw Offer

Dear Gautam De,
In AICCF server (as also in ICCF server) there is no restriction as to how many times you can make a draw offer.

In OTB chess you are not allowed to offer draws repeatedly because it irritates the opponent. This is a code of conduct rather than a chess rule. The arbiter gives a warning to a player who makes a draw offer for the second time and if he then offers a draw for the third time he will be deemed to have lost the game. Note that the arbiter's discretion is involved. Is it the third draw offer on the same move, subsequent move, or after many moves? Has the position changed a lot so that the new draw offer is justified? All this has to be taken into consideration. The basic point is: Is the draw offer just to irritate, or is it because of the position on the board?

This makes sense in OTB chess. The players are playing in a tournament hall, with chess clocks and under pressure. Repeated draw offers may disturb the concentration.

But in CC you are in the comfort of your own home (or perhaps travelling). You are viewing the game on your computer. To refuse the draw offer you have simply to make your move as usual. What is the irritation that the opponent can cause - its just a short half line message on your screen which is to be ignored. There is no pressure of the OTB chess clock. The CC chess clock ticks once in 24-hours.

Look at CC played on postcard. There was no penalty for draw offers even back then. The opponent could write a draw offer on each and every pc, but all we had to do was to ignore it.

Best regards
Ambar Chatterjee

Re: Consecutive Draw Offer

Dear Dr Ambar

I think Gautam De is indicating a scenario where one is winning and the opponent keeps repeating draw offers. I have searched the ICCF site for some guidance on this and could not find any (maybe my search was not comprehensive).

As you rightly said it is a question of etiquette and repeated draw offers from any player when he is losing (or in a difficult position)is difficult to digest - after all this is just a game and even Gary Kasparov / Magnus Carlsen also lose but they move on.

I would suggest that Gautam De indicates to the player with the next move that a complaint on behaviour will be sent to the AICCF Management (say Dr Ambar as representative) - subject to AICCF Concurring with this - and this may help prevent and set a precedent for such behaviour.


PS : As a general practice I offer a draw and once declined do not offer draws any longer and wait for my opponent to be convinced of the same (few of my opponents won after rejecting my draw offers but mostly they were drawn).