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Om Prakash wins 1511 on first attempt

The winner of 11th National Championship (or 1511) is now known though two games are still pending. Om Prakash Mohanty (the shooting star in the words of Dhanish) has emerged as Champion. Congratulations to Om on a fine performance as it is his first participation in our National Championship

Congratulations to Sastry, Trivedi and Gautam De who jointly share the 2nd to 4th place - Dr Ambar will have to intimate the members who is 2nd, 3rd and 4th on tie break.

The cross table can be viewed at


Re: Om Prakash wins 1511 on first attempt

Congratulations, Om Prakash!

A working link to the crosstable:

Though in terms of ratings, the real shooting star (rather, permanent star) turned out to be Mr Vibhor Gupta!