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Interesting story of healing on Catholic Radio 1330AM Sunday 11/23/08

I enjoyed your story on the Radio interview. about how Padre Pio sent you prayer and blessings along with blessed rosary and one week later your doctor claimed it you had a miraculous healing.

Great story - powerful testimony.

Have you every thought about writing more about this story and about your Catholic faith?

- Please pray for American Christians who are poor. The culture pretends they are non-existent (the only poor are believed to be in foriegn countries), the liberals shun them because poor Christians are labeled be pro-life and the conservatives shun them because they are poor. (sad but true.) Hook up with Mr. T, last I heard he had a ministry for the homeless and raised his voice against how some churches do not let the homeless into Church services.

Christs blessings,

c r (my political e-mail handle)

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