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Robert returns to TV?

i'd love for robert to return to tv. like the pretender, "the profiler" was taken off the air prematurely. before its peak. in my opinion, robert didn't get a fair shake. he hasn't been on TV as a lead or regular on a show since. it's time that change. recently, robert did well with "the dukes" movie. this should spring him back into TV. you know, i thought was going to see Robert on "the sopranos" as a mob threat to tony..but it didn't happen. though, there are other shows Robert could be great on. there's 24. there's going to be a season 8. robert could go against jack bauer. doesn't get more high profile than that for TV. or he could be other quality dramas like "Lost" / "Nip/Tuck" / "Damages" / "Rescue Me." Robert would be ideal for these shows. they right up his wheelhouse. i hope sometime soon robert gets back on the television . . .

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