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Jeff's warmdown

I decided not to race this weekend and was just cruising along the south Wilkes-Barre **** on Sunday, when Jeff Skwierz blew by me. I thought "he must be doing a hard workout".

Then I realized he was doing his warmdown after winning the River Street Race.

What this demonstrates is that he is a very good runner, or I suck as a runner.

[I've been submitting a few posts recently to try to get some discussion going on this forum. Hopefully, we'll get more than "Yeh, TW, you really do suck as a runner."]

Re: Jeff's warmdown

Thanks TW for your continued efforts with this forum! Its still a nice place to go, certainly not like facebook. I wish there was a like button here for the many good post.
Ok , lets get down to business, Face old man 50 years of running, you know why he blew by you!!!! Hey, kind of like the old days here, we had some dingers of arguments going down! By the way, you could probably still kick my ass!