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WB tri swimmer needed for relay team

Hello.. i'd like to see if anyone is interested in being the swimmer on my co-ed relay team for the wilkes barre tri in August.. I am a seasoned runner & very familiar with the run course & my biker, Brian Clark, is a seasoned cyclist.. anyone interested can reply on this post, or email me at .. thank you! 😊

Re: WB tri swimmer needed for relay team

Kerry, I will swim on your team if I can wear my floaties. :)

Hope you find someone! Good luck to your team. :)

Re: WB tri swimmer needed for relay team

😂😂 Thanks Karen! Worse comes to worse I can doggie paddle!! Haha I do have 2 possible leads at the moment.. so fingers crossed!! I hope to see you up there! & best of luck to you & your team as well!

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