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Cheap running shoes.

I am on a tight budget. I need a pair of running shoes. The ones I have have holes in the toes, they have served me well. The problem is my wife needs shoes and the kids will be going back to school soon.
I just wondering who got some deals. I like to get away with paying $40 maybe $50. Where is a good place to get a good shoe? I try to run every day mabe three or so miles with longer on the weekends.
Thank you

Re: Cheap running shoes.

Well I shop almost exclusively on the clearance rack and rarely pay more than $40. Last week I bought a nice pair for $34 at the New Shoe Store in Tunkhannock but I'm sure you can find similar deals at any other local shoe store. Last year's model but I'm not worried about looking like a sponsored athlete haha Considering that I'm pretty picky about the shoe I run in I don't think you'll have problems finding something similar.

Re: Cheap running shoes.

Super Shoes Department Stores, Payless Shoes and most Athletic Supply Stores have bargains in the area of running shoes. Recently noticed that Dunham's has a clearance section for both men and women with reduced prices on the sizes. Boscov's often have two for one sales where you buy one pair and get the other for one cent.

Re: Cheap running shoes.

Kelly'srunningwarehouse look this site up on line.. TONS of cheaper priced last years models.. (hell if they were good enough for last year.. they are good enough for this year.. lol) and plus there are a lot of online coupon codes you can use for an additional percentage off..

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