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Volunteers needed for 21st Steamtown Marathon

For the 21st year Steamtown will start in Forest City on October 9, 2016. Again we need volunteers along the 26 mile course. Thanks to the Heritage Trails, we removed many intersections and some hills. However, we have a large deficit from the Dickson City area to and including Scranton. The traffic is highly congested in this area and safety on the closed course is paramount. The NEPA area has a large running population, many of you have participated in past STM's. For those not participating, it is time to step up and assist STM so others have the opportunity to run. As I have said this is the 21st year and we need the community to step up so we can continue for another 21 years. Despite the great assistance, we had last year, we were faced with serious issues fortunately all went well. We could use groups in particular to work as a team in some areas. All volunteers are invited to the post race party. Keep in mind the event continues to support St. Joe's Center. St. Joe's kids are our biggest fan. Please contact us and assist to protect your fellow runners and help St. Joe's. E mail us at we will respond.

Without volunteers public running events will cease to exist.
Thanks From Steamtown Marathon Committee 21

Re: Volunteers needed for 21st Steamtown Marathon

I sent an email yesterday, John! I'm not running this year, but have lots of friends running and will be there to cheer anyway, so why not volunteer?

You get a t-shirt, and thanks from a lot of grateful runners. And sometimes you even get to yell at rude people in their cars! Volunteer if you can, everyone!