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Any good jobs in NEPA for runners?

Long story short, I've been working a physically taxing, manual labor job for a few months now and my running has really suffered. So I was wondering if anyone here knew of any good business or companies that are runner friendly and hiring. Don't really wanna work retail; being on my feet for 8 straight hours really wears out my legs. I would be happy to do just do boring, menial work at a desk as long as it meant I could sit down all day. If it helps, I'm 27 and have a degree in journalism. I've tried applying to local newspapers, but no luck there so far. So, yeah, if anyone has any leads or anything, please let me know. Thanks a bunch!

Re: Any good jobs in NEPA for runners? is a website that offers all types of job opportunites in your area. Just type in your area code and it will bring up a listing within the radius that you are searching for a job in. Staffing agencies also have plenty of job opportunites ranging from temporary, part time and full time positions.

Re: Any good jobs in NEPA for runners?

Getting a desk job isn't all it's cracked up to be. Much better to get a postal job where you have to be on your feet. Just ask Jeff Skwierz or the Hammer who worked for UPS.
I've known quite a few upper tier post collegiate runners who said being on their feet all day helped their running.

Re: Any good jobs in NEPA for runners?

Jeremy look into PennDot consultant work. I would suggest companies such as Urban Engineers, TRC Inc, or KCI inc. You would need to get a little engineering training from them which they can provide. Another firm is Michael Baker Engineers.

The jobs are partly on your feet lot of walking but also desk time. They need younger guys instead of old timers like me.

just a thought.

Re: Any good jobs in NEPA for runners?

I haven't done the serious training thing in years but if I did I can't imagine doing all my workouts after sitting on my butt for 8+ hours(including transit to work and back). I'd be super stiff and, no offense to those who do work desk jobs, all the evidence points to sitting all day as being extremely unhealthy and cutting years from your life and that exercise doesn't make up for it.

I work at a cable company and it's just the right amount of on your feet and sitting down for someone who wants to train seriously. I do both in-house installation and line maintenance but even when I'm on the maint/construction side I rarely do anything I'd consider to be "too much." I feel you pain though, fellow active person, my last job was climbing and trimming trees then comping down and moving logs/brush and running it through a wood chipper. I usually spend my "free time" outside but coming home from that job I got to know my couch fairly well. Good luck.

-Matt the king of run on sentences

Re: Any good jobs in NEPA for runners?

I would also like to add that maybe instead of thinking in terms of a job look at the possibility of working training and working out into your schedule. When my husband got a job in management he had difficulty maintaing any type of exercise programs or training or exercise period. I did some research and found a gym that was on his way to work. I had him get up an hour earlier than he normally would, send him to the gym and then he would shower there and go right to work. Often after work or at lunchtime he would go to the gym or run outside. I understand how difficult it is to run or workout after working at a desk all day, however once you get started then you get a second wind. Sometimes I would say just 10 minutes or so, but once I got started I was good for a longer run or workout. What I am saying is be a bit creative in this. Plan to do workouts on the days you have off, during lunch or whatever you can do.