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Indoor running

Does anyone know if there is an indoor track to run on Or even a large gym for the next 3 months? Odessey Fitness in W-B has a track but you need a 12 month commitment.

Re: Indoor running

I have been looking for the same thing for a few years now. I heard that there was one in Hazleton, however I never got confirmation of that information. I would suggest that you call around to some of the gyms and ask. However how I handle the winter and running is either do it on the treadmill or I became creative and found a warehouse when I could run the length and width and do laps. It is not exactly the best answer however when the weather is bitter it is an option.

Re: Indoor running

The Rock fitness center on Carverton Road in Dallas has a gym as a last ditch option but there is always people in it and trying to dodge them is a pain!
3 month membership is only $60 though.

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