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2016 Wrapup

Time to look back at this past year's mileage. I ran 835 miles and biked another 733. This brings me up to almost 60,000 miles lifetime running.

This was a bad year fro me. I had two heart surgeries and a strained hamstring. I still can't get my heart rhythm right.

How was you mileage? Hopefully you had a better year than I did.

Re: 2016 Wrapup

Sorry to read that you are having health problems Tom! Hope you get that heart rhythm under control in the New Year! Overall you had a very active year!
My mileage for the year was 1348 and that is good for me. I am happy to report that I did the Diamonds this year and the D &L half marathon my first attempt at these races and distance since my accident in 2013. I was so happy to cross the finish line at these two races. Not setting any speed records ... A 1:34 in the Diamonds for 3rd in my age group (65 +) and I Won that age group in the half with a 2:22😄
I hope more runners post their mileage!

Wishing everyone a great 2017 and a healthy one. Be careful out there !

Re: 2016 Wrapup

I ran 550 miles, walked 700 miles, and biked 600. Similar to TW, I pulled a hamstring (at the beginning of 2016), which limited my running for the first half of the year. I was able to do 24 races, mostly 5k walks. I also have a heart rhythm problem (afib) which is under control with medication, but prevents me from running fast, since the medication limits my max heart rate. But, I still get out there and enjoy both the training and races! I hope to run a few more races this year if my hamstring holds up.

Re: 2016 Wrapup

I chronicled 1289 miles this year but it was mostly at a fast walk or lope pace. Just cannot run strong in practice. I sense I might round off too much as well say 3.8 is 4.0. I know I have that bad tendency. I also walk semi fast with my son, Ken, and don't count that total.Ken improved the speeds of his walks in 2016.

Did 45 races this year which is about normal. Majority 5ks with the longest being the Diamonds run in November. Some extremely light weight lifting in the basement.

Sorry to hear of Tom's health issues as well. This year lost 2 weeks with eye surgery for macular pucker. Battled bad knees. Jimmy Akins told me the secret of the fish oil tablets and they really have helped the knee problems.

The toughest race this year was Lake Carey 10k with the knees puffed up, finished dead last. Best race may have Donn's Dash in WilkesBarre on a course where I was working as a construction inspector. Felt good two nights ago as well on the Bloom NYE 5k.

Hope more people post.

Re: 2016 Wrapup

Great running, everyone!

I ran 1486 this year. I'm always right around 1500. As my "high," I had a half marathon PR this year (1:39), and my "low" was finding out my BQ was 30 seconds short of what I needed to get into Boston'17. Oh well. There's always 2018.

I'm finding it really rewarding lately to coach. The junior high kids I had made me so proud. It's also so awesome to see our Lady Striders group growing, and seeing our Couch to 5K participants at other races after the program ends.

Happy 2017 running!

Re: 2016 Wrapup

2745 Miles which averages to 7.5 per day (and never on a treadmill, always outside year round). About a thousand more than I ever did. Don't know if I'll ever top that. What was I thinking? I was thinking two marathon PRs and my first 50 miler.
And yes, I have a family and full time job. Luckily my wife is very supportive with our young kids while she also works full time.

Re: 2016 Wrapup

Approximately 550 miles last year but I did bike more than in the past. Had a nagging Achilles problem but that seems to be better....should get a few more miles out this year.