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Time to blaze a trail

Baby it cold outside, but spring really isn't far off, well maybe it is but it will be here before you know it.
Right now everything is pretty much dead, but this a great time of the year to take some time out to work on a local trail or even blaze one yourself. Here are three tools I use in working on my trail. A pruner, a fold up saw and a grass sickle.

Bring a good pair of gloves and you can rip alot of stuff out by the roots. Trim back some of those branches, picker bushes and even some trees that might be in the way on your trail. You can easily do this on one of your daily runs. Just run and do some trimming. A good idea would be to do one side on your way out and the other on the way back. Another good idea is to run the path for a week or so and keep taking out those pesky branches that you might have missed.