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Patriots Day Movie

Dave and I went to see Patriots Day yesterday. I ran the Boston Marathon 13 times so this movie really touched my heart. I cried..When I ran Boston in 2010 and 2011, our good friend Jim M, who works the Boston finish line, got Dave into the VIP seating area which is directly across from where the 1st bomb went off. Dave has a video of me waving and you can see Marathon Sports, where the 1st bomb went off, in the background. My 2010 Boston jacket was purchased in that very store...I didn't run it again until 2015 and things have changed. Security is much tighter now and no bags on the buses. What you wear up you either wear down or leave up there. It's still the greatest Marathon ever and I hope to run it a few more times in my life..but I'm glad I got to experience it before the tragedy.