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Back into running need some advice

So, I'm just getting back into running and exercise (I'm 2 weeks back in) after a year hiatus after my separation.
I have the mindset this time that i want to be more serious with everything, Its been a super tough year and I want to finally focus on things i used to enjoy and I want to do some races etc. Especially having 2 small kids I want to show them a healthy lifestyle.
I'm looking for advice... any diet advice is welcomed, how did you begin training for races, things that are good to eat while training, especially week of race. What do you eat before running and after a run
One huge thing for me is, What is your general heart rate while running? How can i focus better on breathing.. I feel like i struggle with focusing on breathing and that my heart rate is way to high, I have tried to pace myself but then get bummed because my time is awful.

Re: Back into running need some advice

I would suggest getting in touch with Karen at the Wyoming Valley Striders and doing the couch to 5K program it's great for new runners or those getting back into running like yourself .or if you live in the Scranton area try the barrier breaker's program offered by the Scranton running store

Re: Back into running need some advice

Don't wear a watch. If you want to run a certain distance, map it out using an app first. I've been running for over 20 years now and I still don't wear a watch much of the time because it's too easy to get wrapped up in your pace.

As far as food, I don't really worry about it too much. I don't run marathons, and I really feel that exactly what you eat doesn't become much of an issue until you get up into long distances. I'm not a low carb advocate though. I personally feel that if you're running several days a week, you need the fuel.

Re: Back into running need some advice

I came back 2 years ago after a really long break and being patient and taking it overly easy going back in is key. You definitely don't want to be looking at the watch much, just focus on building up that base slowly. Doing too much too quickly can burn you out, lead to frustration and increase chance of injury. I didn't focus on time or racing for months after starting back up. I'd focus on heart rate instead of pace....140-150 which is where you'll be improving your aerobic capacity.

3-3 (strides in/out) is a typical breathing rhythm or 2-2 if you're working harder. But if focusing too much there is messing you up, just try to run "relaxed" and have your heart rate be a gauge and your breathing should more naturally fall into place.

For eating, I just try to eat a wide variety (think food pyramid, lots of colors) and stay away from obvious junk....I agree with the other commenter unless you're doing super long distances, just eating reasonable works. After hard or longer runs, you should always try to have some protein and some light carbs within 30 minutes for replenishing muscles.

Hope this helps, best of luck!

Re: Back into running need some advice

What your heart rate range during training larger depends on your age. First you need to calculate your max heart rate which is 220-your age. On most of your runs you should try and be at 70-80% of your max heart rate. Tempo and workouts would be in that 80-90% max heart rate range. Hope this helps

Re: Back into running need some advice

Agree that bagging watch is important step. Time - pace not important at this juncture Just ease into your comfort level by accumulating a few more miles each week. Not fast Not too long. Will take a while fir breathing and heart rate to figure out what's going on but they will adapt. After a month or so - some pickups or strikers - short / like a minute or so - are in order avoid injuries that occur with too much too soon

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