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Benton Rodeo run

Benton race for Leukemia. Flash Barchik master of ceremonies puts a lot of exuberance into all parts of this race.

Nice kids run.

Four elderly over 65 runners from Berwick: Gensel, Canouse, Hueholt and the return to competition of Maxim Furek. Max Sitler tackled the rugged and hot 6 miler.

Good to see so many familiar faces such as Roger Davis and Tony Korch.

Re: Benton Rodeo run

I did this race for the first time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought the course was beautiful (I only did the 5K though so the 10K group might feel differently, given the giant hill!!). I'll definitely be back.

Re: Benton Rodeo run

It was my first time for this one as well. I would do it again. Do the results usually get posted here?

Re: Benton Rodeo run

Yes nice place to race! Yes, we usually do post the results, I will check to see if the
Flash can forward for posting.

Re: Benton Rodeo run

Thanks! I'm curious to see what my actual time was.