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Visiting Scranton, Looking for places to run

Hi, I am visiting Scranton the week of August 1 and need places to run for my training. During the week I will need to run between 5-8 miles and on Saturday my long run will require about 14-15 miles.

Any suggestions as to where I can go that is safe and lit?

Any group runs on Saturday that I can meet up with?

Truly appreciate any help/suggestions.

Re: Visiting Scranton, Looking for places to run

Hello Isabel, thank you for your posting. I have posted your posting on the NEPARunner facebook page-, where many more local runners may see it. If you want me to remove it let me know. Hope it helps! I know a lot of runners like to run the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail by Scranton Running Shoe, 3 West Olive St Scranton, PA. Stop by and introduce yourself I am sure they be more than happy to assist. I think other runners also enjoy running at Nay Aug Park.

Re: Visiting Scranton, Looking for places to run

Thank you Mike, for your comments and I will check the FB page as well.

Re: Visiting Scranton, Looking for places to run

Have they ever fixed up the trail around Lake Scranton? That's one of the prettiest runs around although I'm not sure I'd want to do 4 or 5 laps to get 15 mi.

The Forest City trail would be great but they re tearing up right now to install that fracing pipeline.

The Susquehanna Warrior Trail is nice for a long run if you want to drive to West Nanticoke.

Of course, the Lehigh Gorge trail is great but it's an ever farther drive.