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Mile vs. Marathon

I tend to agree with this. I have no interest in slogging through a marathon just to finish. I'd rather race a shorter distance (even though I'm not very good at either distance).

What do you think?

Re: Mile vs. Marathon

I am going to have to check that link out later, but my thoughts on your comment TW, I have to agree. The marathon is great, I did a few, the training is very time consuming, the event price wise is almost like a vacation. I like to do one more, but rather the shorter distances. I think every runner should experience a marathon.

Re: Mile vs. Marathon

Good article and I completely agree with it. I respect anyone who's out there running, whatever their reasons may be, but personally I never wanted to run a race just to run. So many people just want to run farther (further?) but never work on actual speed, or potential, whatever you want to call it. Because when it comes down to it, it's harder to run a short race at maximum potential than to just run more miles but never improve time or pace.

Re: Mile vs. Marathon

I totally agree with everyone's comments.. i'd rather train to PR a shorter distance race, then just slog through a marathon.. I like to enjoy running, not make it feel like a second job.. i'm happy to train for & race anything from a one miler to a half marathon. I think a lot of people are medal collectors.. and the shorter races rarely give out "finishers" medals.. so that may play a role too.. Very good topic to debate!

Re: Mile vs. Marathon

Well of course I beg to differ! LOL. Some people, like me, will just never be fast miler's or 5K runners no matter the training. Someone asked me if I was doing the Jack Daniels Mile Race last night and I said, "it takes me 2 miles to warm up."

I don't run marathons "just to finish." I try to beat my time, every time, and qualify for Boston. I agree that the training is time consuming and can definitely see why some people don't run them and prefer shorter, but for me, halves and fulls are my distance of choice.

That being said, I don't get Ultras. I don't want to run for 12 or 24 hours straight and eat sandwiches and candy bars while I relax mid-race or take a nap in my tent and change my socks. And trail running just sounds like "hey, let's go get injured," to me. But to each his or her own. :)

Re: Mile vs. Marathon

Both distances are challenging. Training for and running a fast mile is intense with lots of speed intervals on tracks needed to pr. Marathon training can't be properly done without months of scheduled training and the absolutely essential long runs of 18 to 24 miles which pretty much wipes you out for that (usually weekend)day. I don't perform well in either discipline, my sweet spot is 10 k to half marathon. Lots of awe and respect to those who do well in those events....Is a sub 2 marathon humanly possible? Seems out of the realm of human possibilities but so did a sub 4 mile for over a hundred years!

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