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Trail Runner Breaks Appalachian Trail Record

Joe McConaughy presents an excellent example of an individual who, as he pushed the proverbial card, has raised the bar for others. Nicknamed “Stringbean,” the former Boston College track and cross-country runner ran the famed Appalachian Trail in a record time of 45 days, 12 hours and 15 minutes. He ran the trail covering an incredible 48 miles per day, running through blinding rain and harsh winds. The Appalachian Trail is a rugged 2,190-mile trail that extends from Springer Mountain, Ga., to the top of Mount Katahdin, Maine’s highest peak. It was the fastest know traverse of the trail. McConaughy did it without any outside help along the way. McConaughy began his hike in the early morning of July 17, 2017 on Springer Mountain, and verified his location through GPS updates.

Re: Trail Runner Breaks Appalachian Trail Record

Astonishing feat.

Re: Trail Runner Breaks Appalachian Trail Record

After reaching the summit, McConaughy said, “I will be forever perplexed and appreciative of what the wilderness brings out in myself and others. I hope anyone watching is at least inspired to become more involved in the outdoors. Every day has been a battle, but I am very thankful to be safe and have accomplished my dream …”

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