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Incredible Performance By Dave Talcott

Some of you may know Dave and Erin Talcott, elite racewalkers from Owego NY. They show up occasionally for races in NE PA, where they typically walk 5k in 25 minutes flat. Both have set multiple national age group records. For the past two years, they have hosted a long distance walking weekend in Owego, giving walkers an opportunity to walk 100K or 100 miles in 24 hours. Anyone completing 100 miles in 24 hours gets the coveted "centurion" award - fewer than 100 American walkers have achieved this. This past weekend, despite the heat, Dave walked 100 miles in an incredible time of 18 hours and 53 minutes - a new age group record (he is 57)and one of only a handful of Americans of any age to walk 100 miles under 19 hours. along the way, he also set a new 50 mile age group record. Note that his 100 mile time works out to an average of 11 minutes and 20 seconds a mile (I have a hard time maintaining that pace for a 5k walk anymore!)so, if you happen to see Dave, congratulate him on a terrific accomplishment. The results for the weekend are posted on second wind Timing.