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2017 Mileage

It's time to total up mileage for 2017. This past year I ran 1019 miles, mountain biked 200 and road biked 276. This gets me up to 60,028 running miles since I started running. Considering I'm abut 50% slower now than back in the 70's, I would have probably done 1500 miles at the speeds I ran in my prime.

How was your 2017?

Hope 2018 is great for you. See you at the Striders New Year's Day run at noon in Kirby park. I'm bringing donuts.

Re: 2017 Mileage

Impressive as usual Tom, good comeback after last year. I wish I had my number to share, but I am afraid not.
I still try to get out when I can, I just don't know why I don't. Enjoy the day!

Re: 2017 Mileage

Runs 213
Distance 1,131.2 mi
Time 164h 28m
Elev Gain 43,310 ft

Rides 29
Distance 657.3 mi
Time 48h 36m
Elev Gain 34,298 ft