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Re: Run In Peace, Vince Wojnar!

Just like so many others - really looked forward to see Vince's smiling face at the halfway points of Diamonds and Steamtown. It wasn't just coincidence that he was there - I believe he knew how important it was to the runners at that point and his wide smile and positive attitude were huge factors in so many of us getting our second wind and continuing on. We will miss him very much.

Re: Run In Peace, Vince Wojnar!

I've known Vince since the mid 70's. I live close by and played basketball with his kids growing up. Vince was my first training partner. I would hook up and we ran all over the mountain. I've gone on many running trips with him and other striders. We went to Boston, Wash. Cherry blossom, many Utica boilermakers as well as tons of other New York races. A memory that stands out is one of him working the finish line of the first Forty Fort 5 miler. It was the first local race I won and as I crossed the line he smiled and said I finally brought one home and we both laughed. Another memory is of the 77 Boston marathon. About six of us check into the Park plaza. Well Vince, always looking for a bargain asked about getting the family discount because we were all his kids. Well one of the runners was Francis Awanya of Uganda and we all laughed about how Vince tried to pass us off as family to get that discount. He will be missed and certainly no one has done more for the running community.