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Jr High Track

Hello Running Community

I am curious what they do for Jr high track and field and XC these days? I do see they have some kind of team at my kids school but not sure if the have the dual meets or just do invitationals. Also is it just 7 & 8th grade and 9th goes up to varsity? It does not seem they do Jr High Districts anymore. Looking at the District II website the last reported results was several years ago. I remember vaguely several years ago with school districts in desperate need for money they either cut jr high sports or did a pay to play thing I am just curious on what they do now for Jr high runners and why they do not have jr high districts anymore. Thanks!

Re: Jr High Track

Hello, I posted your question on the NEPARunner facebook page for some more exposure. Sorry I don't know myself. Thanks for using the NEPARunner message board.

Re: Jr High Track
Re: Jr High Track

I coach JV XC in the Wyoming Valley and we have several meets during the regular XC season. We attend the Cliff Robbins Invite and our final meet of the year is the Wyoming Valley Conference League Championships, which is usually a week before High School districts. There's no districts/states for JV. I coach a private school, but I know there are 9th graders who still run JV in the bigger public schools.

Re: Jr High Track

Thanks everyone for the response and Mike for posting it on Facebook. Yea I was just curious why they do not do jr high districts anymore. I ran in the mid to late in 90's and being able to compete as a 7-8th grader in districts was a good learning experience for varsity track and XC. I wonder if it is a budget issue they do not have it or maybe some schools do not have jr high programs. So not enough schools to participate if the have a districts