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Timing Companies

The people who've been timing my 5K for the past 6 years are getting out of the business, and not available for the June 16 event. Easy out and back course in Lehigh Gorge State Park, Jim Thorpe. About 150-200 runners max.
So far I'm reaching out to Pretzel City Sports, Second Wind, and Kirby. Any other timing companies? Anyone know how to get hold of Frank Gavel?
We've always timed the race manually, with bib-tear off and score boards. Chip timing would be great, but cuts too far into the profits from what I've found so far.

Re: Timing Companies

Hi Susan, thanks for using the forum to reach out with a question. Here is a list of the area timing services that I have listed at NEPARunner in case the answers here don't pan out-