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she can’t die, and her immortality drives her insane

a twist on the bean-nighe of scottish folklore. a nameless woman makes her living by washing clothes, always white linens. she took one lover, who died of old age while she stayed young.
she washes a neighbour’s clothes, the linens coming out bloody, and the neighbour dies. this leads the six brother-kings of her country to her, the youngest trying, and failing, to save her.
they lock her in a windowless, airless room with nothing but a large mirror. as time goes on and she doesn’t die, she begins to see her reflection as another person.
she tells the mirror the full story of her life and what the kings did to her. she talks about how much she misses the world and having things to do. her story become more and more confused, until she realises that she has forgotten who she is and she is never getting out.