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Alaska Incident log line

Genre: War/Action

Format: Mini-Series
9 episodes set over a period of one week from October 31st to November 8th 1988 each episode runs concurrent with the previous episode.

Nutshell: World War 3 meets Men in War


In snowbound Alaska, a group of US and British soldiers defend against invading Soviet troops determined to steal a virus deadly enough to wipe out mankind.


A group of men from the 2nd Yorkshire Regiment are assigned to Alaska on an exchange. They see the deployment as a bus man’s holiday after a tour of Northern Ireland. Belfast and urban terrorism with the loss of friends fresh in their minds; they are about to walk into a world of terror. A virus and anti- virus with the possibility of a world pandemic with 160 Soviet Special Forces thrown into the mix, Peter and his men are the last remaining hope of preventing a war between the two superpowers.