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A Half-hour Television Pilot script
Genre: Fantasy mystery, Dark comedy, Female driven 34 pages

Logline: An oddball man accidentally buried alive in a cemetery is saved but returns with a special gift, only to meet a youthful firebrand lady assassin on-the-run, leading them to discover their true calling.

Synopsis: WALT TILSON, (40-50’s) a quirky, introverted man accidentally buried alive in a Brooklyn cemetery is rescued by squawking wild parrots to return to the living with the unexplained ability to communicate with graveyard spirits.

Walt is led to a grave where DREAMA DAWSON—(early 20’s), a rebellious young female mourns. She conceals being a highly-trained assassin with a photographic memory and remarkable physical abilities. Her talents, thus far, have kept her safe from “Waste Removal,” the agency who wants her eliminated permanently, just as they snuffed out her husband. Dreama and Walt-- polar opposite personalities, undergo an initial rocky relationship until realizing their uniquely special talents have them needing each other to fulfill their true calling.

No-nonsense NYPD lady ace detective, HARRIE FOSTER (40’s) searches for leads to a mystery duo moving stealthily about the big city apprehending hardened criminals in the act, only for these crime stoppers to flee before law enforcement arrives.

That all changes when the survivor of a criminal attack describes a super athletic woman wearing a hooded-cape disguise displaying unbelievable fighting skills to foil a thug about to kill her and also leaves a note attached to the would-be killer: I will defend this city and save it.
Waste Removal assassins are certain that this Avenging Angel crime fighter is Dreama Dawson, as she finally confesses to Walt of this group’s lethal means. Walt, panicking over his dear new friend in peril, receives help from the Spirit of a Mafia Don who provides them with a unique hideout in a cemetery catacomb…but the favor comes with a price.

New Yorkers view this unknown caped crusader and her secret sidekick as real-life super heroes, but the law doesn’t see it that way. Detective Harrie, though, silently roots for these rogue crime stoppers while wondering why her embattled precinct captain is so determined to wipe away the super duo from the face of the earth.
This Cemetery Is Mine is the ultimate, darkly humorous adventure fantasy whose unending charm will steal your heart away.
Based on a Web-E-Books novella by David Orange Theorangeman33@aol.com

Series Overview
This imaginative series has a Season One storyline that can go anywhere, but I see as the goal to create character-driven stories stemming from cemetery secrets and crimes that tie into New York City today. If solved and ruthless people are put behind bars, the Big Apple will become the great city that it was always been meant to be.
Quirky paranormal Walt’s new surreal life with the ability to communicate to Spirits is something he tries hard to comprehend. He gets an added boost from Dreama Dawson--a spunky beautifully flawed hit woman on the run. Not only can’t she live by society’s rules, she’s still seething over her assassinator husband being killed by his own rogue organization--Waste Removal. These extreme executioners only fear what Dreama’s photographic memory knows of their hit squad operations, but will find out she’s like a cockroach—un-killable, and they better beware.
Walt’s deal with the Spirit of a Mafia Don has them hiding out top secret “under” the cemetery in a grand mausoleum with high-tech living quarters and tunnel-ways leading outside the cemetery. This safety of the catacomb will be Walt and Dreama’s headquarters while they plot strategies.

In the second episode, Dreama saves a young girl about to be killed.
The deeply appreciative girl says to her savior, “You saved my life. Who are you?”
“Someone since being a child always believed I could m