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A screenplay by
David Orange and Joel Leffert

based story by David Orange
(inspired by true events)

105 pp.
Genre: Action, Horror

When bitter, former Army special forces sergeant SAM DAWSON goes up to the mountains to kill himself, his young daughter, sensing something is up, pays him a visit and then mysteriously disappears.

Sam, out to save her, becomes a death sentence when getting too close to the nerve center of a ghastly secret below a mesa. He recruits the help of a wild, old Special Forces buddy, and an aged doctor whose son is also missing.

The unlikely catalyst in helping them proves to be one of the enemies— or at least “half” of one. EL-TE is half-human Hubrid who has a real soft spot for those held captive. But can he be trusted in helping Sam’s team, or will he lead to their downfall?

The closer Sam and his team get to the truth when reaching down into the rabbit hole to find what is not a pretty story the target on their backs becomes larger.

Fighting them every inch of the way will be a covert sector of the American government that many call the Shadow Government. These lawbreakers that have evil forces overshadowing their judgments have effectively overthrown the Constitution. They know why people are disappearing and will do anything to protect the frightening Faustian bargain behind it.

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