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Thriller: COLOR ME GUILTY Finalist at The Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest

LOGLINE: A veteran army translator with PTSD is framed for murder by her hairstylist.

SYNOPSIS (112 pages)
This fictional story introduces Annie McAllister as the protagonist. She’s a decorated army veteran translator suffering from PTSD who teaches eastern languages at a college. As a token of appreciation for her recent promotion, her college boss presents her with a gift card for hairdresser services. Unknown to Annie, her boss and the hairdresser are part of a sinister conspiracy to frame her for murder in a twisted plot involving insurance money and a love triangle of her boss with the hairdresser and a transvestite psychopath assassin (Dressed to Kill). Annie is found guilty of murdering her boss’s wife, a crime she didn’t commit, and is sentenced to life in prison. Max Colbert, a rookie detective and love interest, is convinced she’s innocent. He begins his own investigation and begins to unravel the Machiavellian plot while the assassin methodically eliminates compromising witnesses. The gun store owner, the hairdresser and his snitch prison warden are murdered. Annie battles a hired convict paid to kill her while Max barely escapes an attempt on his life. Annie applies her army skills to stage an epic escape from the penitentiary to go after the people who framed her. The final showdown is at her abandoned childhood ranch in the forest where she has access to her late military father cache of weapons to fight the principal, his transvestite assassin lover and a band of mercenaries they hired to get rid of their last witness.