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Below Zero, Shi-Fi, Drama

Feature Screenplay

In the near future, Europe has entered the Ice Age and Athens is freezing to death. No fuel, no food, no nothing. Desperate people are selling their body organs for transplants, and their **** to make briquettes for heating and some have become cannibals. Nickodemus, a forty years old tired Eco-Detective, uncovers a nuclear waste site in the ancient silver mines near Cape Sounion. He is not impressed with the findings. Like everybody else he has given up hope for the human race. He follows the leads because he has nothing else to do. He uncovers a secret plan by a big shot industrialist to transform Greece into a nuclear wasteland. His life is in danger, his girl friend is joining forces with the enemy and somehow he feels responsible for all this, because he did not care and did not act properly. The US is also interested in the site and send a CIA agent to work with Nickodemus. In fact they want to control the waste site. Nickodemus goes against everybody, joined by his girlfriend and both are locked up in the ancient mines where they meet a really wild human race. Will they survive, and at what cost?

Aris Fotiadis
Film director-Screenwriter