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Unexpected Circumstances (Adventure, Crime, Drama)


Young woman becomes involved into criminal adventures. She must find a way to survive and uncover embarrassed truth about her life.

Plot Synopsis:

Katie is a young waitress who dates with unreliable barman Robert. Once she becomes a witness of fight between Robert and stranger who comes to the bar where Robert works. After that Katie decides to stop dating with Robert. She leaves the bar intending to go to the work, but accidentally stranger from the bar appears on the street and start to chase her. Katie escapes from him and goes home. Arriving home she decides to leave her native town, she is scared.

Katie catches a ride and leaves the town. She gets acquainted with young passionate boy Peter, who gives Katie a ride. It is a little confused for him to listen about Katie’s story, but he likes her and decides to help her find right way for resolving her problems. He advices to go to the police, but Katie has own vision of the situation.

Gangster from the bar starts to chase Katie in pair with his body Charley. They need to find her for their boss Gary, who knows about her life very embarrassed details.

Meanwhile, middle-aged man Jack tries escape from obscure chasers and runs through the forest with backpack behind his back. He arrives to the road and catches a ride. Driver Matthew politely tries to become friend with Jack but he doesn’t tell him his real name and doesn’t want to talk about himself.

The next morning Jack arrives to one small town and decides to have breakfast at the local café. To pay for the food he takes money from his backpack that is full of dollars. Peter and Katie arrive to the same town and enter the same café. Jack picks out Katie and starts to keep watch over Katie and Peter. Katie notices Jack’s singular behavior, but Peter assures her to set mind ease. Whist their conversation Frank and Charley appears in the café hall. Peter comes to blows with Frank, Katie tries to escape. Running away from chasers Katie catches up with Jack, she grabs his backpack and starts to ask questions. Their conversation was interrupted when Katie notices Frank and Charley with Peter as hostage. Suddenly Peter escapes from Charley’s hands and takes Charley’s gun. Katie leads Jack to get in the Peter’s car. Katie, Peter and Jack drive away.

Frank and Charley starts to follow them. Frank reports about the situation to his boss over the mobile phone.

Later that evening, Katie reveals that Jack’s backpack is full of money. She asks him about money, but he blinks the question. Finally Peter asks Katie to go to the police. They quarrel and Katie pulls the gun on Peter. Then she leaves him on the road and drives away with Jack. During their trip Katie uncovers that Jack knows about her current problems more than she, he tells that she is wife of mafia boss’s sun. Jack fights with Katie, when their car crashes into a tree. Frank and Charley find them and along with Peter drive at the secret house.

Katie, Jack and Peter succeed to escape. Peter leaves them when he understands that Katie doesn’t intend to go to police. Jack tells Katie more about her mysterious husband Gregory Morgan, who died in unclear circumstances, but previously owed Gary a lot of money. At the moment Katie is sole Morgan’s heir and that is why Gary chases her. Jack agrees to help Katie because he believes that this help him to return his backpack with money, so he mentions name of Katie’s ex-boyfriend Robert and wants to visit him for answers about Katie’s marriage. In the meantime Gary decides to find Katie by himself after his agents make a mess of things.

Katie and Jack are given a ride by Matthew, who accidentally appears on the road. He drives them to the nearest gas station where they meet with Frank and Charley. Katie and Jack steal Matthew truck trying to escape, but they are stopped by Gary in the middle of the road. Suddenly Matthew appears with a gun and they escape to the forest. Gary, Frank and Charley decide to wait for them at Robert’s bar, because they understand what Katie plans to do next.

Katie and Jack arrives to Katie’s native town and stay at Katie’s best friend Elizabeth, who is so happy to see Katie alive. Elizabeth tells Katie that police is looking for Katie, because Katie is a suspect of murder in Morgan’s death. Jack assures Katie to be patient. Katie and Jack fall in love in each other. They plan to visit Robert and save Katie’s reputation.

At Robert’s bar they fall into an ambush. Gary catches Katie but Robert escapes and Gary agrees to find him, because he realizes that Katie has no rights for Morgan’s heritage while the police thoughts she is a murder. Gary takes Katie as a hostage and stays waiting for news at Katie’s apartment. Jack sets out on a search for Robert along with Charley.

When Gary along with Frank and Katie wait for Jack and Robert, strange deliveryman comes and assure them to open the door. He hits