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dark comedy about nuns

An undercover FBI agent joins a convent suspected of massive social security fraud. While conducting her investigation she learns that the president has ordered a military assault on the convent because of an article in the National Enquirer that claimed aliens were seen at the convent and it was a front for a terrorist organization.
The nuns hold the FBI agent responsible for the army camped on the convent grounds so it is ordered that she be put to death. Before the execution can be carried out, 110 combat troops and one tank have surrounded the convent. The countdown begins 3…2…, the convent door swings open and 80-year-old Sister Clara armed with a rolled-up poster of Lady Gaga manages to save the convent, the FBI agent, and forces the military to stand down.
The agent will save the bombshell revelation about the “nuns” for the very last. It will come as a complete surprise to the U.S. Government and causes an uproar in The Vatican.