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Last Summer

Four friends united back again after a year from running over a pedestrian when one of them received a letter reminding her about their crime.

A year passed after accidently running over a pedestrian and letting go of his body acting like nothing happened, four friends reunited back again, after when Julia received a disturbing letter reminding her of the crime they made before. While confronting Harry, who he thinks is responsible for the threat, he suddenly gets run over by a shadowy person holding a metal hook. The blood shedding started and the killer with the hook continues to stalk every one of Elena, Julia, and James.

Plot and Summary:
On the 5th of May in the mountains of North California, Julia Drew and her friends James Benson, Elena Quivers, and Harry Fox drive their way back to Lost Angeles, after attending a private party of a friend’s Birthday. While
driving along the highway, they accidently hit a pedestrian. Julia’s friend from university, Marco passes by them on the road. Julia assures him that everything is alright, and that Harry wasn’t feeling well from over drinking alcohol, and then Marco leaves. After some arguing, the group decided to leave the body astray and agreed to never again discuss what happened. As soon as they left the place in a rush, sudden footsteps came closer to the body, looking at the blood shattering under the head of the pedestrian.

A year later, Julia returns from her college in New York, back to California for the summer. Since the incident, everyone has taken their separate ways. Julia on the other hand, started having a disturbing vivid dream, she is in a party surrounded by people and the music is loud, she looks at the bright light coming from her right side and finds James standing with both of his hands on his pockets, feeling uninvited. She runs closer to make sure that the person she saw is actually James, but the crowd blocked her way, she tried to pass in between them so she can reach her way towards James, and when she arrived she suddenly saw someone wearing a black fisherman raincoat with a metal hook standing behind James, when the strange figure was about to stab James on his back, Julia started shouting and woke up from a strong bang on the door of her room in the hotel.

Julia receives a letter left on the floor of her room with no address return, it stated, “I know what you did” and the two ending words capitalized said “LAST SUMMER!!” Feeling frightened, Julia tracks down Elena, who has returned to work at a department store in a big mall in Ontario, California after her rejected attempt at an acting career in England. The girls take the letter to Harry who immediately suspected that Marco is behind the threatening letter. They faced Marco at his work in the docks of Santa Monica, and Harry started threatening and scaring Marco with a meat hook. Julia meets James, who is now working as a fisherman in Santa Monica too, he unsuccessfully tries to win Julia over. Later, Marco gets killed by a shadowy figure in a raincoat holding a hook. Harry then discovers a note hanging on his locker in the gym, written on it “Last Summer”. He then gets attacked by someone driving his car, in the parking lot underground.

Meanwhile, Julia researches newspaper articles which lead her to notice that the man they ran over was a local, who has a son and a daughter, both taking care of their sick mother, after the death of their father. Elena and Julia go to visit the house of the deceased, they meet up with his daughter Tania, and she explains to them that her mother became sick and their family was devastated by the death of the local pedestrian; she also mentions that the son of her father’s friend named Grey, also visited them to give his last condolences. Later that night, the killer gets into Elena’s private house, cuts off her dresses on her cabinet while she sleeps, and writes a note inside her cabinet “Very Soon” in red marker.

The following morning, Julia finds Marco’s corpse wearing Harry’s stolen hooded jacket lying down on the corner of the street, located somewhere near the houses of the neighborhood. When she calls the others, the body is found missing. Julia starts getting frustrated, asking out loud “What are you waiting for?” Julia, Elena, and Harry confront James about the events. James claims to have also received same threatening notes. Julia goes back to visit Tania, while Harry and Elena go to participate in the summer festival parade. Tania reveals that her father committed suicide out of guilt for the poverty he puts his family through in a car accident and she shows the suicide note to Julia. As the writing matches that of the letter Julia received, she realizes it was not a suicide note, but rather a death threat to the ones behind the accident, as if the killer knows that they will be asking about the pedestrians family...