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The journey of a thousand miles (drama, motivational)

Azad, a young Afghani boy, is glad to see his father come back after several years of working in the Middle East to celebrate Eid with the family. And he bears gifts and good luck: Azad’s paintings have been selected by a Fine Arts school in France. Excited, he mounts his bicycle to share the news with his family. But life has something else in store: there is a large crowd of people standing outside his house. Azad’s entire family is killed in a brutal barbaric bomb blast in Kabul’s city center. As Azad reels from the tragedy, his teacher convinces him to go to France and avail the opportunity that he has been given. Azad collects himself, regains his lost strength and motivation and joins the Fine Arts school. There, he dreams to become a theatre actor and perform in the country’s best theatre. After much recognition at the stage, he decides one day to write a play himself. But the past is still clinging on his heels. The images of his dead family members continue to dangle in front of his eyes. One day during the rehearsals, Azad get a fitful cough and faints. The doctor advises him to rest because of the chances that he might have cancer. But Azad is obstinate; he must find a Producer who will believe in his project and assist him financially. But the illness?

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