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The Couch - TV Series

Logline: Following the unexpected death of its patriarch and with the help of a psychology professor, an estranged family comes together to help their fetish porn company navigate a new era of social consciousness.

The Couch is a comedy series surrounding the exploits of a family run fetish porn company based in Tampa, Florida. Think Office/Parks & Rec but with more dedication to the documentary camera style and a better premise for doing so. A 9 episode season has been written and we are interested in sharing the pilot with you. This show has no nudity, a diverse cast and was written in consideration of network television.

The psychology professor alluded to in the logline teams up with a son of the deceased patriarch of the Diddle family to conduct a study on the prospective porn stars. The scenes from the “couch” occur as a cold open and close out each episode as a means of introducing the new fetish porn actress/actor that will be at the center of the office conflict/drama that week. The professor is of Māori heritage and her motive is her tenure track at The University of Tampa, but also an unwavering interest to better understand her childhood friend, now head of Diddle Productions, Charlie Diddle. The office manager, Jebidiah Wietzke, is an Amish homosexual from Maryland long past his Rumspringa days. His lacking cultural and historical knowledge often sets up misunderstandings that the show explores, however his good and wholesome nature serves to balance the ethical constraints, or often the lack there of, that can plague a fetish porn company.

The Diddle family is originally from Missouri and presents various backgrounds of mixed (black/white) culture. Upon his father’s death Charlie discovers an estranged brother from the same Missouri town that two of his known cousins travel from for the funeral. This brother, Parker becomes much of the camera prospective as he documents this new era and newly discovered family. The two cousins, twins Terry and Sabrina, add further depth to the cast as they navigate the post undergraduate life. They were raised by their bible-thumping-recovered-drug-addict aunt, Donna. Her disdain for Sabrina as a lesbian and admiration of Terry for college athletics is itself not miraculous but adds to the complexity of the entire family dynamic after a surreptitiously devised Will is revealed. Diddle Productions must remain a family run business for it to continue, without everyone on board Charlie and Parker split what’s left.

Should this interest you, please contact us to set up a time to further discuss working together. Our guess is that if you’ve reached the end of it you’re seeing the potential that we already know. Thank you for your time and attention. thecouchwriters@gmail.com

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