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I would like to submit the log lines of my screenplay The Greatest Unseen Robbery.
Afrinsia, an imaginary country, symbolising the developing and undeveloped countries in Africa and Asia, where education is still in its experimental phase, goes for a student friendly educational reform as there is mass student suicide cases because of their bad performance in their examinations and to continue to get further aid from the World Bank for promoting standard education. But the name sake professionalism of the teaching faculty, the business angle of education, the cut throat competition among the educational institutions make education student appeasing education. The standard of education degrades and student undisciplined goes up. Samuel, an examlary teacher struggles hard to maintain the standard of education and advocates a different set of ethics for the teachers. The school, the principal, the students, the parents turn hostile towards him. Even his wife and daughter start questioning his sanity. His daughter is gangraped as an act of revenge and the wife goes for a divorce notice. Samuel is out of job. He goes for roadside job but stick to his principles. Finally, he emerges as a national award winning teacher. The drama ends with a happy note of family union. The corrupt education system, the pathetic condition of the educational institutions in developing and undeveloped countries, the virtues required for the teachers and students, the success of value believers are notable features of the story. Misuse of the World Bank fund and exploitation of students capability are no less than a great robbery.